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Exhibition and crime novel covers

Hi there,

a page related to my work with the Labyrint publishing company has been set here by yours truly. It contains all official covers and a set of test designs… It will be updated with new book covers regularly.

To be noted is that there is an exhibition of some work for Thierry Jonquet’s Mygale (adapted to the screen by Pedro Almodovar as “La Piel que Habito”) in Lyon, France starting on the 5th of Sept. 2011. It begins with a performance (dance/music), a showing of the movie and a collective (mostly graphic) exhibition in the lobby of a movie theatre named Le Comoedia at 8:40pm that day. Then the exhibition will be moved to the bookstore/café Les Vengeances Tardives where it is going to haunt the walls for a while. I exhibit a couple of polaroids, some shots of the making of the cover, a test-print (complete with cut marks, etc.) and a book of the danish translation. If you are in the vicinity do drop by, it is located 76 cours Gambetta, 69007 Lyon, France. Links for all that can be found below…

To be also noted is the great article about the whole thing in Heso Magazine which can be read here: Spinning New Media Skin – Tarentula by Thierry Jonquet.

I also made a flickr flyer for it, it can be seen there.

Websites to consult for details (in french):
Librairie/Bistrot/Polar Les Vengeances Tardives :…
Le Comoedia :…
Les publications Labyrint :

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