An old man in Tripoli, Lebanon

This old man is probably repairing a kettle of some sort (actually not, see comments). He was doing it out of a small shop — barely a closet in the wall, to be fair — and was kind enough to let me take his portrait. I like his stare, very profound and serene. I like to think of him as wise but there is no way to know …

It was shot with the Olympus OM2-MD and the fabulous 50mm 1.4 on the¬†ubiquitous¬†Ilford hp5+ @ 400iso, thereby developed at home in my bathroom in the traditional standing rodinal souping …

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  1. Quality photie dude. When were you in Libya?

    That’s not a kettle. It’s a paraffin stove. To be specific its a Primus, made in Sweden. I’ve got one. They are good stoves. I’ve got a couple in smaller sizes and the British rip-off version called an Optimus (like prime). Only problem with them is you prime / light the pressurised paraffin with methylated spirits, which sadly means you need to carry both paraffin and meths. That said one tankfull of paraffin lasts for fucking ages. Like weeks. Shame they’re also so heavy, being made of lovely shiny shiny brass.

    I’m not a sad bastard. I don’t have a collection of camping stoves. Honest. I don’t need to get out more. I have a busy and fulfilling social life.

    1. Dave,
      thanks for the comment, it is indeed not a kettle but I lacked the better word. I should have known that you were erudite in the matter…
      FYI though it is not Libya but Lebanon, same name but different place and very different if I might add, especially given current events. I was there in October 2010, about ten days in Lebanon and Syria.

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