Waves, weather, some logs…

Just digging through some archives… shot in february 2013 along the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada with an Olympus 35RC (tiny but real cool camera)… Souped in proper developer for once, not that it changes anything though.

To be noted that it was stitched from two pictures and therefore it is not a re-framing.

Stories are abound tonight

Some time ago I fancied looking throughout all my candid street­photography. The ones I browsed were mostly shot in Asia over the course of more than four years and I was pleased to find stories lurking inside a lot of them. According to Roland Barthes what makes a good photography is “the punctum in the studium,” i.e. a disturbing little detail in the routine of background life, if I understand correctly his thinking. And sure enough the pictures that captured my attention were holding that little disturbing thing making them interesting. I thought that every street had a story to tell. It was up to the photographer to hunt the right moment, Henri Cartier­ Bresson’s decisive instant, to reveal them. Whether the story happening was actually the one that the viewer would fathom is a point that better not be debated here … Anyhow, those little disturbances were more often than not due to the presence of a human being or more, minding his, her or their own business, creating waves in the fabric of routined reality.
With this selection of images shot around the world I would like to take one step further and break this idea apart. I would remove most of the background to show that there are stories lying inside people themselves or abstractize the person as a fleeing silhouettes in the night to let the environment play its role. Everything shall be created by patches of lights surrounded by darkness, or patches of darkness amidst light, a game of forms creating stories. People and place are then linked in a whole scenario or just single instantaneous happenings.

[This exhibition was part of the collective BOP exhibition at the Copenhagen Photo Festival, June 2011]

Welcome to the fall

Take this invitation
Bishops Queen to Pawn
All of us were taken
All that was is gone
Of this information
Shames us one and all
Where’s my compensation?
Watching others fall
Welcome to the fall
Everything is useless
Nothing works at all
Nothing ever matters
Welcome to the fall
Welcome to the fall
Welcome to the fall
Welcome to the fall

from Ministry’s Filth Pig (1995).

Taken with an Olympus OM1-MD and a 50mm 1.4 with an extension ring of 25mm, the film is an heavily abused hp5+, pushed, overexposed and well basically abused…

Isolation mk.II?

An old man in Tripoli, Lebanon

This old man is probably repairing a kettle of some sort (actually not, see comments). He was doing it out of a small shop — barely a closet in the wall, to be fair — and was kind enough to let me take his portrait. I like his stare, very profound and serene. I like to think of him as wise but there is no way to know …

It was shot with the Olympus OM2-MD and the fabulous 50mm 1.4 on the ubiquitous Ilford hp5+ @ 400iso, thereby developed at home in my bathroom in the traditional standing rodinal souping …