Stories are abound tonight

Some time ago I fancied looking throughout all my candid street­photography. The ones I browsed were mostly shot in Asia over the course of more than four years and I was pleased to find stories lurking inside a lot of them. According to Roland Barthes what makes a good photography is “the punctum in the studium,” i.e. a disturbing little detail in the routine of background life, if I understand correctly his thinking. And sure enough the pictures that captured my attention were holding that little disturbing thing making them interesting. I thought that every street had a story to tell. It was up to the photographer to hunt the right moment, Henri Cartier­ Bresson’s decisive instant, to reveal them. Whether the story happening was actually the one that the viewer would fathom is a point that better not be debated here … Anyhow, those little disturbances were more often than not due to the presence of a human being or more, minding his, her or their own business, creating waves in the fabric of routined reality.
With this selection of images shot around the world I would like to take one step further and break this idea apart. I would remove most of the background to show that there are stories lying inside people themselves or abstractize the person as a fleeing silhouettes in the night to let the environment play its role. Everything shall be created by patches of lights surrounded by darkness, or patches of darkness amidst light, a game of forms creating stories. People and place are then linked in a whole scenario or just single instantaneous happenings.

[This exhibition was part of the collective BOP exhibition at the Copenhagen Photo Festival, June 2011]