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New book cover: “Bidt af natten”

Ok, it’s a bit late now… Ancient history or something like that… I just finished the work for the cover of the newest book for Labyrint publishing. Bidt af natten by Tonino Benacquista (Les morsures de l’aube in original version) is in the printing press at the moment and will be available soon. One of […]

Exhibition and crime novel covers

Hi there, a page related to my work with the Labyrint publishing company has been set here by yours truly. It contains all official covers and a set of test designs… It will be updated with new book covers regularly. To be noted is that there is an exhibition of some work for Thierry Jonquet’s Mygale […]

Hello world!

Yes I am a nerd and the first thing I do when making (or not making in that case, sigh, just another blog using wordpress …) a new thing is the “hello world!” post. From a donkey one doesn’t make a race horse, as my mother would say.

Digicrap photoblog